Throw Pillows

I wanted to share this collection of my favorite throw pillows with all of you, I’m obsessed with them they have so much personality and adds a touch of art to your sofas or chairs.

I have purchase several pillow covers from this online store to incorporate in my clients designs and for my self.

you can find the at for about $20.00 each and they measure 16×16 front and back print.

The design quality is superior, I recommend.

585808_1195371-plwfr2_b 629307_3494744-plwfr2_b 1894128_14494481-plwfr2_b 1897485_7575468-plwfr2_b 1948691_4389220-plwfr2_b 2009116_13747527-plwfr2_b 2270705_9144396-plwfr2_b 2949525_1707384-plwfr2_b 3160166_6009577-plwfr2_b 3262726_6211759-plwfr2_b 3481532_5739088-plwfr2_3 3623813_13026226-plwfr2_b 4088564_2900130-plwfr2_b 5640853_11540185-plwfr2_b 5889663_2266271-plwfr2_b 6372223_2832663-plwfr2_b 7073572_14058366-plwfr2_b 7721512_6994808-plwfr2_b 7996718_8517958-plwfr2_b

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