Panama, Panama


I had the pleasure to travel this past November 2013 to beautiful Panama in Central America, my experience was great the people are nice and their food is wonderful.

I travel for the independence celebration that lasted about four days, their tradition and culture are very much alive, a country very colorful and humble that receives you with a smile and a cocktail drink.

Panama is a beautiful metropolis with tall skyscrapers with magnificent views to the pacific, with breathtaking beaches and majestic mountains.

I experience to see the process at the Panama Canal in Mira Flores WOW that was intense just see how it happens.

I visited El Valle 2 hour from Panama; the experience was amazing I’ve never been so close to nature I visited an artisanal market and spent some time with some of the natives “It was great” I was surrounded by nature and good people.

If you are planning your next vacation or visiting Central America please do go to Panama.

Antigua avenida Balboa Bocas del Toro city el_valle_de_anton_panama_day_tour2 El-Valle panama52bc6 0e0178f9a465f967af8d7edb05b2bdd7 4ea515b984e3691d50e006557a6fb2d8 Amador-Causeway

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