New Years Eve Party Ideas!

Hello every one.

I’m going for Gold, Teal and White this New Years eve party.

Here’s some inexpensive ideas that you can start doing this weekend and be ready by Tuesday for your party, your guest will be impress.

I usually buy a large bottle of glitter at my favorite craft store  also recycle some pretty bottles to make center piece or vignette.

Here is my craft list:

Gold Balloons (Party City)

Gold Cutlery set (Party City)

Teal and white plates

Champagne Flutes/Plastic (Party City)

Teal and Gold Paint to dip the flutes

Wine Glasses/Plastic (Party City)

Gold Plate Chargers (from Michaels $1.50)

Glitter and Glue/Spray (Michaels)

Edible Glitter

Gold and White Gift Wrap to make garland

Gold and Black ribbon for the balloons

Bow tie pasta, clear string  and gold glitter to make garland

Some gold ornaments and confetti

Recycle bottles to cover them with glitter

Lots of imagination and creativity!!


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Happy New Years!!!

Thank you for visiting



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