Acrylic Furniture

Lately I’ve seen more and more the use of acrylic furniture and home decor in to design; acrylic has a clean look and is very modern. It will make your space look bigger and sleek you can add a little like an end table or a lot by replacing some chairs from your dinning set. The best of all is that acrylic furniture and home accents are very inexpensive and you can find them in most furniture boutiques

Here is some inspiration!

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2 thoughts on “Acrylic Furniture

  1. Hi Oriana, Very nice piece. I have some acrylic furniture right here in my own home. Traditionally I like old wood instead, old, antique in fact, aged wooden furniture with character, with marks and scars and stories to tell. But wood- although full of character- is also heavy and cumbersome. So, when i needed new chairs recently, I bought acrylic. (Scandinavian design, from AKEA, inevitably) I love the way they are transparent, so make the room feel light, & visually uncluttered. Anyway, nice piece, and happy to reciprocate.
    Keep up the good work

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