Modern Architecture

Modern architecture is generally characterized by simplification of form and an absence of applied decoration. Simple lines but magnificent forms, stunning design, amazing engineering and breathtaking floor plans. 

Here is some inspiration !!

09da97443b1191d9fd8cd788aaeeb293 14ff867e421495e17f60d28942548897 29e4353bad0637c1c15b6e34461ac9bd SONY DSC 840b89a6f02f8909e1fabaea40506d64 217803_10150938408630933_1537895664_n 221777_633110850037423_1655414124_n 394596_10150938408710933_1767899512_n 485176_533594563329685_1747053439_n 540043_10150660426896234_1695723599_n 553869_10151034353186234_119600963_n 557449_10150938408530933_813018331_n 577318_545148882172675_1656256773_n 1077150beb74625ec19e43f456af17dc 3381250d0baf4c903d5cfe73b07aec66 90705379965971852_EQoqp6pH_f a76a29593ddf4c41b12198644b45c13d adc3a935f750a696457c1818b2bd6914 bb3864384146643f9c518fdb0fc6af48 bc5d2337d90dc92ee9bc5bd104841b3d cce7b01c90abb87c9159c2d888dafe90 e267b2da7feafdad653ee37df2e976b8

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