Sex In The City Third Movie?

I’m intrigued if there is going to be a third Sex in the City movie or not I have read several post from different sources and still not sure if is going to happen or not, some said is going to launch in 2016 but some others are saying not going to happen for different reasons, I wouldn’t mind watching a third movie I watched the series when I lived in NYC. I love all the fashion and drama this ladies went though to find real love in the big city.

All I can say is that I cannot wait to see the Sex in the City Girls one more time!!!!


3c21cf799e0a959a3552238c3474174c 30b6cf8aef1da6b471a214d47891807a 87e23cf92c213522811095b7d50d3bcf 87e82929afa306f9e4d7a60a07b7266b 0603-box-office-sex-city_full_600 8059168fe784903eeee019f9be5cda36 c8c60273dcfa9f9227ac6c9c5060fe1d d22cc46ce5869e52e4bc7dcd05e4981f f94fd2e05ce715b17d0cc7d1630d1709 sex-and-the-city

Caries spectacular walking closet



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