Container Architecture

Going green is growing up across the world; more and more people are opting to shipping container structures for green alternatives and to build their homes or even business. There are innumerable numbers of empty, unused shipping containers around the world just sitting on shipping docks taking up space. The reason for this is that it’s too expensive for a country to ship empty containers back to their origin. The result is an extremely high excess of empty shipping containers that are just waiting to convert in to a home, office, apartment, school, dorm, studio and much more; the ideas are endless.

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If you’d like to incorporate shipping containers into your house—or build a structure entirely out of them—these architects and designers are good resources:

Robert Humble and Joel Egan, HyBrid Architecture, Seattle, Washington

Their prefab Cargotecture homes incorporate shipping containers, with prices starting at $29,500. They also consult on D.I.Y. projects. Hybrid Architecture

Peter DeMaria and Michael Sylvester, Logical Homes, Manhattan Beach, California

Prefab Logical Homes, some incorporating shipping containers, start at 160 square feet for $25,000. Logical Homes

Ada Tolla and Giuseppe Ligano, LOT-EK, New York, New York

Pioneers of the field, they use containers to build offices and residences around the world. Lot-EK

Jennifer Siegal, Office of Mobile Design (OMD), Los Angeles, California

Siegal integrates containers into homes priced from $230 to $280 per square foot. In 2013, she will launch a line of Take Home container homes, with prices starting at $100,000. Office of Mobile Design

Geoffrey Warner, Alchemy Architects, St. Paul, Minnesota

Builds containers into his custom projects and offers prefab wooden weeHouses starting at $79,000. WeeHouse

Adam Kalkin, Quik House, Bernardsville, New Jersey, and Paris, France

Known for high-concept designs, including a three-bedroom $119,000 Quik House made from six containers. Quik Build


11 thoughts on “Container Architecture

  1. Marvellous … but speak to me of warmth or coolth without need to pay hideous power bills … If it were possible to ensure the containers can provide both, somehow or other, this entire concept would be the answer to everyone’s prayers ! 🙂

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