Outdoor Lounge

Make you outdoor space an extension of your home, turn your deck, porch or patio into the perfect relaxing getaway to enjoy after a long day at work. Imagine drinking you morning coffee in a well-designed and furnished patio.

We often neglect the outdoor space and leave it for last or never do it at all, BIG mistake the outdoor room is as important as any other room of your home, make it your sanctuary a special place you want to come home to relax and have your wine with some friends or just alone. The options  and ideas are endless.

Here is some inspiration enjoy!

f149652e1994413ed721dc02a8f8caa3 Angle's Los Feliz house; Jul'12; L.A.; patio; PS=Miranda Jones dd3775c51cec33160fa6f468c5c7a6e5 dc4672849c254a7ff612c47c5f5e026d daf6f1681d3fc6e4eec3e6ea9909abd6 d71cb2e374fd220c2d36ab73ab6f191d ca12473ba9b858823443aea18845404f b97d32cdd6fca8c6a9fdc90294f19001 a5ba64563c9df76708762b9628a469f0 843722493dedeb7cafabf20e10452499 0626971407e9a193e21ca8499a992bdd 1004597_10152264522739240_277526832_n 972129_10152248203014240_1844991167_n 969732_10151626962459213_594958593_n 941588_10151577654443622_1707609165_n 531619_531069266915548_1934003409_n 392433_10151562146913622_203196451_n 86512c13da965246b9a2f7862e5da43c 302d2552d53541605f2349cb1ae5a75f 54a5a1997eca619904c4ba68cc714188 5c3168c625b67bbae57d04ef1ec8a3c3 5b76d97fbd672f2fa76d4989c9b195ca 4c1dd677e608683d0065f935f4460e17 3b69ba83c05abc498014785420b78620 3a9a55e0a8872083bfde7b6db2422bd6 2e20519cd001073bcf7b3372c719a223 .facebook_2041587666

One thought on “Outdoor Lounge

  1. Great inspiration, I love outdoor rooms and alfresco dining. I hate the cold, wet winters and as soon as the sun starts to shine I fling open windows and start to create an outside haven. There are fabulous outdoor furniture options now and you can instantly add colour and lift a space ready for the summer season.

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