Picture Table

Picture Table  by IvyDesign is a folding dining table that transforms in to a frame picture.  Transforming the look and purpose of one room like a home office to a guest bedroom or a home office to a sitting room where you can enjoy a glass of wine without having to be reminded of work. Based on the accurately designed details which support this high quality furniture design Picture Table guarantees a surprise effect.

One person can change from table to picture frame and vice versa in under 20 seconds. The poster can be chosen and exchanged by yourself. No tools or assistance required!

0d4fc406629294f460b4cb9760e4b844 ea66e57644eec50f18cc0a2f8a69f5b5 folding-dining-table_picture_01 folding-dining-table_picture_02 folding-dining-table_picture_03 folding-dining-table_picture_04 folding-dining-table_picture_06 folding-dining-table_picture_08 folding-dining-table_picture_09 folding-dining-table_picture_10

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