I would like to thank Brianna of Lookbook Style and Design also thanks to Mid Century ObsessionFriendly Green Frog , Little In A Big World for the nomination of my blog  the Liebster Award. Thank you for the opportunity to get to know other bloggers and future friends, I had so much fun doing this. What a wonderful way to connect with people from all over the world.



 The Q & A


1. When did you start your blog and what influenced you to start it?


I started my blog in December of 2013 I wanted to start the new year with and exiting project and since then I can’t stop blogging; this has inspired me to create and share with my followers more of what I like to do. What influence me was my own career as a designer and the world we live in full of art, nature, color and beautiful people.


2. Describe yourself in one word.


I think there is more than one word that describes me; I’m exotic, bohemian. colorful, honest, friendly, artistic and hard-worker.


3. What day of the week do you enjoy the most?


I really enjoy every day of the week but Saturdays are my favorite life is so precious , Saturdays I get to spend time with my daughters and friends do some shopping watch TV go out with friends and don’t forget the wine..LOL


4. Do you collect anything? If so, what?


I do collect cast iron teapots, I love tea and I started with one and now is up to fifteen (OMG) I don’t think I have enough space for more. I get them at Teavana 




5. What is something you’ve done that you’re proud of?


I’m so proud of many things I have accomplished in my life but my kids are my pride and joy, I have two beautiful daughters 19 and 17 and I did it by myself.


6. Currently, what song makes you happy?



Happy by Pharrell

Click on the minion to see video!!




7. What is one piece of technology that you can’t live without?


My cellphone Galaxy S4 and my Galaxy Tab3


8. What has challenged you about blogging?


To express myself to my followers and serve as an inspiration!


9. What would a perfect day be for you?


Every day is a perfect day no matter what I’m so grateful for all I have that all my days are perfect!!!


10. How does your blog inspire others?


Color is my number one rule when I post a blog also keeping it simple and clean easy to understand, I thing that is what inspires other to come to my blog and want to see more for inspiration and ideas.


11. What is your favorite food recipe?


Well I’m from the Caribbean so I like seafood and spicy food there is a couple of recipes I love to make but here one of my favorite… Enjoy

Seafood Black Rice



 See full recipe and  instructions on




My Nominees Are:


Virginia Duran


Cindy Knoke


Candia Comes Clean by Candia


Kate Collins Interiors by Kate


Estilo Escandinavo by Mapi


Laura Artworks by Laura


Keeping up with Carol by Carol


The Little Ladys Kitchen by Annie Romano


Fashion Flora




Tales of a Traveling Photographer by Hannah





Questions for the Nominees




  • Why did you start blogging?
  • What’s your favor city or country and why?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • What’s your favorite wine or cocktail?
  • What days do you post on your blog?
  • Why did you choose the name of your blog?
  • What’s your favorite TV Show and why?
  • Do you have a hobbies?
  • Favorite blogs you fallow? Why?
  • Are you a coffee or tea person?
  • How do you feel being a blogger so far, is the experience worthwhile?




 Rules for the Nominees


1. Answer the questions from the person who nominated you.


2. Nominate 11 new blogs with 500 followers or less.


3. Post 11 new questions for you nominees to answer.


4. Tag your nominees in your post and leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been nominated!




Don’t forget to tag me or send me the link when you answer the questions!

Thank you

Have a great day!





    • Thank you so much for this nomination! I’m so honored and happy to get to know so many interesting blogs; I will add your questions to the ones I already did just for the fun of it!!! 🙂

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