The Great Chandelier!


Chandeliers are always a good idea and they are a great addition to just about any room, but knowing what size is best and how high to hang them can be tricky. Do go bigger rather smaller in a dining room. If the fixture seems too large hang it a bit closer to the ceiling so it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Make sure your chandelier is the right size. When using chandelier in dining rooms take the size of the table into account. The diameter of a dining room fixture should be about one half to two thirds the width of the table or about a foot less than the width of the table. Hang a dining room chandelier between 30″ and 36″ from the tabletop.

You can use chandeliers almost in every room. They look great in bedrooms, kitchens, and even home offices but always choosing the right one for the room.

Chandeliers can be simple yet romantic so don’t be afraid to experiment with styles. Sometimes a modern chandelier can look great in a room full of antiques, and a vintage piece can look wonderful in a modern living room.

You hang a chandelier in a bathroom or even in your outdoor room!


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3 thoughts on “The Great Chandelier!

  1. Stunning – I love chandeliers. They work almost anywhere, they can complete an ultra glam room, but can be a fabulous contrast in a rustic or industrial scheme too – picture a beautiful crystal chandelier against an unfinished concrete ceiling.

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