Malibu Residence-Breathtaking

This impressive and striking residence is located in Malibu, California, USA and it was designed by Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados. It’s a modern residence with an attractive design and a colorful interior décor. The walls, ceilings and floor are painted either white or beige throughout the house thus creating the impression of an even larger space. In order to compensate for that, vivid colors have been used here and there.


The interior design features straight clean lines, an element specific to contemporary architecture. The materials used for the interior décor are mostly leather, velvet, metal and glass. The furniture is composed especially of Italian creations and there are some pieces acquired at auctions in New York. These pieces really stand out, like the Campana Brothers’ chair and the curvy stainless steel sofa by Ron Arad for example.






Located in Malibu, California, the vividly colored interiors add character to the idea of a playful, comfortable living style, while the extensive use of glass on the inside makes all the spaces unite in one single inviting space.

Adorned with a selection of Italian designs, the house is mostly defined by the use of leather, velvet metal and glass. An exceptional indoor pool fabricates a dreamy scenario: you come home after a long day, enjoy the magnificent clear pool and adjacent vertical garden, then socialize with friends in the bright living spaces.



Malibu-Residence-indoor-glass-pool8 Malibu-Residence-indoor-glass-pool9

Malibu-Residence-indoor-glass-pool10 Malibu-Residence-indoor-glass-pool11






The decor with the stylish furniture and the modern art from the walls is beautiful but the most striking element is by far the indoor pool.


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