Bar Cart-Ideas

I just love the idea of having a mobile piece of furniture that I can use to entertain my guess and it looks beautiful at the same time.

A bar cart is great alternative to trying to squeeze a large bulky bar into a smaller living space. If you can’t buy one you can turn any console table into a minibar by just adding wheels and maybe changing the color with the necessary accessories and barware. Voilà! You DYI a Bar Cart.

Here is some inspiration and ideas!

Wheels-Wine+ Mod-Mixer   Luxe-Layered Gold-Glamorous Girls-Night-Glam Garnished-Green       689d9f7335e1eca60dfb7b0c1a56e6a4

Bar Cart Essentials

Via Machtbook

    fcc952481ac0d8cb862edb699783ebed f87f94ac69c0411e4229b0f05d6e812a ef24278101486081f95ce8d349c07ab4 barcart

Go to The Glitter Guide to find out
where to buy these chic little items for your Bar Cart.

d85aa4f9b9d00bc1ca8c954643b1d75b Cute-Quirky Console-Cocktails Casual-Cool b4daa6474fea246d3a98105fa9ab6e58 b04dd6eed6c679e594184005f86d4f69 af08bad8318bc8b78f2731d2620bca06 43359a9beb49f1d348a6973e598e9bfd 07937c1da88559e77bcdfeb7215c0e44 366b541b832b8a23c7713220bf5261a6 39c41d94e5dc1b3050cb8b98027382c7 7d6a81d93827aa16e39ce556ca6ad12a 6eb6753ad56e4ae1220a2cc292aa1983       Image Source:  Image Source: Pinterest 

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