Duvet Covers by Xchange Studio

Add a splash of artistically inclined comfort to the average down comforter with a large focus to your bed! Our duvet cover is made of a beautifully crafted woven polyester fabric on top and a comforting and soft cotton/poly blend on bottom! We highly recommend washing your artwork before laying it onto your bed for added comfort and softness! These are totally machine washable and won’t fade!

Woven Duvet Cover Details
-Inseam Zipper closure
-Machine Washable cold, tumble dry on low
-Ties on the interior to attach the down comforter insert
Sizes: Twin, Queen, King
Click here to purchase Kessinhouse
OC1001ADC03 OC1006ADW03 OC1007ADW03 OC1008ADW03 OC1012ADW03 OC1014ADW03 OC1019ADC03 OC1024ACD01 OC1025ADW03 OC1028ADW03 OC1029ADW03 OC1030ADW03 OC1031ADW03 OC1037ADW03 OC1038ADC03 OC1039ADC03 OC1040ADC03

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