New Vanity and Perfume Tray

Introducing New Vanity and Perfume Tray
Available in small, medium , large and extra large.
Trays are the chicest way to kill two birds with one stone: tidy storage + glam décor. From coffee table accessory, to super-chic party tray, or simply a gift for the hostess-with-the-mostest, these beautiful acrylic trays are sure to stun any audience. Whether it’s to display your scent collection in the bedroom or simply round up knick-knacks in the front room, a tray is the perfect way to add personal flair.
Dimensions: 9.875” (length) x 9.875” (width) x 1.9” (height)
Grade A acrylic.
Water resistant.
Hand wash. Do not put in dish washer.
Bright & vibrant color.
High quality, modern, and stylish gift item.
Click here to purchase this beauty


designall (1) designall (2) designall (3) designall perfect_mason-r77f7de49ba27414ab80734034f447cd1_zle6p_325 Vanity tray Vanity

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